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  • Astronautische Grundlagenforschung auf internationaler basis

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    • Joseph A Stemmer


    International Astronautical Federation






    It is pointed out that today astronautics is in the dawn of its development. A sensible continuance of astronautical reasearch work requires an international basis, mainly because astronautical sciences consist of all known subjects of natural sciences and philosophy. It is possible already today, to discuss most of the individual problems of astronautics concretely. Astronautics is predestined - it is even a must - to have an institution or university for all these fields of science, if it is to serve for the cultural advancement of humanity. Several current problems in rocket power plant development and material research are discussed. It is wished that the press and various newspapers publicize current work and thus acquaint the public with the arising problems. It is suggested to establish a Central International College for the education and training of the rising generation of scientists and engineers of astronautics. Such a school or department may be attached to a university or technological college. Furthermore, an international research institute of astronautics should be established which would be charged with conducting research work. As long as the International Astronautical Federation does not have an international research institute, the publishing of an authoritative journal for all astronautical sciences and research in several languages will be necessary. Basic research could be vastly stimulated by such a journal. And basic research in astronautics is more important today than ever,