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  • Co-operation among rocket societies in the present state of astronautical research

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    Urged by the same and grand ideal, men from the most different countries have placed their knowledge, their means and their time at the service of the astronautical cause. First, they were single persons; then, more or less small groups collected in national societies, which at last culminated into the present IAF. One of the most important aspect which the various astronautical societies have to meet is given by the contribution devoted to the spreading of the technical knowledge which is necessary to develop before space travel may become a reality. To such a purpose, the co-operation of all branches of science and technics will be imperative, branches which are to be represented in the body promoting the achievement of the ultimate goal; the conquest of space. It has been said (and I want to point it out here that this was the idea of the late Dr. Loser), that the first task of the international astronautical federation should have been the foundation of an institute for space research, which should have permitted to accelerate the progress, centralizing all innovations and developments which now come to light in a moderate measure scattered in the different countries of the world. Some propositions have been put forward in this connection and some possible schemes for the working of such an institute were carried out. Apparently, however, many astronauts belonging to the various national societies, are discordant on this matter, reckoning as premature the foundation of said institute. Scope of this paper is therefore to make the point on this situation and to suggest some means of co-operation between the different rocket and astronautical societies, even in the deprecable case that the establishment of the institute in question should be deferred.