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  • Artificial satellite orbit synchronising system

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    • Alessandro Boni







    To reduce the orbit of an artificial satellite, S, to a nearly circular form, the system of transversal synchronising forces, F., can be employed*, the direction of F7 is perpendicular to the radius which joins the terrestrial center0of gravity to the satellite, and the intensity of F_, is proportional, with a factr h, to the difference between the actual value of the angular velocity of S and that of the circular orbit (which is called "isochronous"). The effect of the synchronising forces F, is studied in the particular case of little values of h, and it is found that the forces give oscillations of decreasing amplitude., and which are favourable t prodüce the desired effect* but, if the action of Fj is prolonged in the time, instability in a long period appears, and so it is necessary to stop the action of F- as sooh as the approximation Of the orbit to the circular form dross the maximum*