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  • the missile possibilities in vertical flight. Deduction of missile design fundamental parameters from the characteristics of its operation

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    Tile design of rocket-propelled missiles involves a number of considerations about several variables, e.g. weight of missile, weight of fuel, force-of drag, time of combustion, variation of gravity acceleration, etc. It is, of course, impossible to take all such variables into account5 this, however, dan effectively be done with some of them, proper simplifications being made. In another paper we have discussed these parameters and have shown how it is possible, through successive integrations, to determine the highest altitude reached by a missile in its vertically ascendant motion (1). The object of the present paper is to show, according to the results achieved in the above mentioned article, the possibility of tracing back the fundamental parameters of the missile design, through the operation of the missile, and to deduce, in particular, which are the best parameters for its design.