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  • the role of rockets in the international geophysical year

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    • Homer E Newell





    Thë International Geophysical Year, scheduled for the interval from 1 July 1957 to 31 December 1958 will be a period in which geo physicists of approximately 40 nations will combine their resour*- ces and talents in a vigorous attack upon important unsolved geo*- physical problems. Emphasis will be upon those problems which require or will greatly benefit from a synoptic approach. A large share of IGY attention will be directed toward the Upper atmoshere re, and in this rockets will play a significant rolè* The United States and Erance have announced definite plans for rocket IGY programs, and other countries have expressed interest. In the United States program 45 Aerobees will be fired at Churchill, Canada, and in New Mexico. Among the experiments to be performed will be: measurement of ionospheric charge densities and thé earth*s ma^he- tio field} determination of atmospheric structure, composition and winds} auroral and airglow studies; and measurement of solar radiation. More than a hundred smaller rockets will be fired at various locations from the equator to the polar regions, in synoptic typé studies of cosmic rays, auroral pariiicles, and solar radiation du- rihg solar Glares. Considerable effort will be exerted to synobiro- nibe rocket experiments With other ÎGY observations.