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  • A review of methods of composite construction

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    • Bryan R. Noton


    Aeronautical Research Institute (F.F.A)






    Bonded, welded, and brazed composite structures have been employed in several European aircraft and missiles, and in the United States also to some extent in rockets and satellites. In other than aircraft and space industries, however, a more comprehensive application of composites is evident in a variety of fields where a multitude of material combinations are utilized to yield light-weight, low-cost, excellently-finished structures with physical and mechanical properties not possessed by any single material. The conception of composites is attributed to pioneering work of, in particular, American and British aeronautical engineers, and such developments have stimulated interest in sophisticated structures in other industries. However, the commercial developments in this field in many countries with quite different requirements, may in the future be of value to the space vehicle designer. Some of these tendencies will be described.