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  • Ecospheric consequences of the Haselgrove-Hoyle-Schwarzschild theory concerning the evolution of the sun

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    • Jan Gadomski


    Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw






    The "ecospheric formulas" which the present author announced at the congresses of the I. A. F. in the years 1957 - 1961 have been applied to the new Schwarzs child theory of the evolution of the sun. As a result of the transformation of the sun in the next 6 billion years, the sun's ecosphere will gradually move away to Saturn's orbit, and conditions will become favorable to organic life on the surface of the outer planets. The necessity will thus arise for mankind to migrate frotn the Earth successively to planets farther away from the sun. After the next billion years, there will follow a relatively fast retreat of the ecosphere, which will cause the freezing of the entire planetary system and the decay of life in the solar system.