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  • Benutzung der beobachtungen der künstlichen geodätischen erdsatelliten zur ableitung ellipsoidischer geographischer koordinaten auf dem referenzellipsoid

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    • Wladimir K. Hristov


    Bulgarische Akademie des Wissenschaften






    Utilizing the Observations of Artificial Earth. Satellites for Deducing Geographic Coordinates of the Reference Ellipsoid. In a first-class continental triangulation, it is appropriate to set up large distance points, determined in advance with regard to their position, in order to avoid dislocations owing to the progressive accumulation of errors. The coordinate conditions thus obtained, along with the basic and Laplace conditions, will increase the accuracy of the triangulation. Determination of these particular points of the geodesic geographic coordinates q>, X. and the height of the ellipsoid d + dh, where h stands for the altitude and dh for the excess of the geoid over the ellipsoid, on the reference ellipsoid, may be conducted by observation of special geodesic satellites. Simultaneous short flashes from the satellite which may be photographed from the triangular points (topocenters) with a background of the stars, are recommendedtogether with radio signals to be caught by the time stations. Proceeding from the coordinates of the stars, the topocenter equatorial coordinates a', 6' of the satellite are determined, and are transferred from universe time t into star time Greenwich S' for the flash moment. The ephemeric geocentric coordinates a, S of the satellite are interpolated from the photographic shots.