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  • A survey of propulsion problems as related to space vehicle design

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    • T.J. Gordon





    The use of a rocket engine in a space vehicle involves the definition and solution of problems in the design of the engine for the vehicle and the vehicl® for the engine. The Saturn V rocket will contain approximately 90 engines. In its Apollo lunar mission, these engine systems are called on to perform in various ways as dictated by the mission and vehicle. These are problems which must be solved by the engine manufacturer. In turn, many specialized vehicle systems are generated by engine-dictated requirements ; for example i tank insulation, specialized field testing installations, hydrogen vent gas disposal systems, and tank pressurization systems. These problems are being solved today. Use of future propulsion systems will involve the solution of similar problems. The lessons we are learning today on how best to marry a propulsive system to a space vehicle will apply equally as well to propulsion systems of tomorrow.