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  • Advanced concepts in man-machine control: a review

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    • E. B. Konecci


    National Aeronautics and Space Administration






    Within the last few decades, there has been provocative discussion dealing with man versus machine control. The rapid progress in aeronautics and astronautics makes it clear that it is not man or machine, but rather the most effective combination of man and machine which give us the most efficient systems. This, paper reviews the various aspects of control. There is a need to better understand the inter-relationships between the various life, physical, and engineering sciences through inter-disciplinary language. Cybernetics in its broadest definition is attempting to fill this'inter-disciplinary need. Control theories are not new. The most fundamental and precise control can be found in the development of living organisms. The study of control in living systems can (through Bionics and Human Analogs) lead to better advanced aerospace systems and automatic devices.