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  • A Natural coordinate referencing system for use in the reduction of radar data from a geodetic satellite

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    • J. F. Jones


    General Electric Company






    The problem of properly establishing a coordinate system for use in reducing radio measurement data from a geodetic satellite was investigated. It was noted that the origin of the geometrical reference frame in which stations are located can be chosen to coincide with the origin of the dynamic reference in which the satellite motion takes place by simultaneously estimating the satellite orbit parameters, the station locations, and the coefficients in the expansion of an “effective” geopotential. If in addition the geometric referencing system is divided into datums on the surface of the Earth with tracking stations located relative to these datums, then a complete referencing system for use in data processing is arrived at which is referred to as the natural coordinate referencing system. A brief investigation was made of the ability to calibrate station locations for two simple configurations of stations and geodetic satellite orbits. A comparison was also made of the resultant orbit determination accuracy when a complex of stations was simultaneously calibrated and when they were not.