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  • Astronautics education for Royal Air Force and US Air Force officers

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    • E.M. Romer


    RAF Technical College






    This paper describes the educational programs in astronautics for officers of the Royal Air Force and the US Air Force. These two services provide a wide range of courses for all ranks, varying from short intensive familiarization courses in aerospace technology to long graduate level degree programs in astronautical engineering. Short courses taught at the Royal Air Force College of Air Warfare and the Royal Air Force Technical College and similar courses that are taught at the USAF Warfare Systems School are briefly described. Mention is made of the astronautics course taught to cadets at the US Air Force Academy. The bulk of this paper gives a detailed exposition of the Royal Air Force Technical College and the US Air Force Institute of Technology. The student body, curricula, faculty, physical plant, and other facets of astronautics education at these two schools ate described. A comparison of the curricula of the schools illustrates many similarities in the subject areas covered and the extent of instruction. The dissimilarities are attributed to the differences in the nature of the positions to which graduates of the two programs are assigned.