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  • Asymptotic calculation of satellite motion in non-central field on the earth

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    • YU. G. Yevtushenko







    Numerous investigations are devoted to the studies of motion of artificial satellites in non-central gravitational field of the Earth. In the works by M. D. KISLIK,1 J. VINITI,2 Ye. P. AKSYONOV, Ye. A. GREBENNIKOV, V. G. DEMIN3 and a number of other authors there were suggested special approximations to the gravitational potential of the Earth and then accurate solutions were found of a satellite motion equation. Such an approach has a number of shortcomings connected with the fact that, firstly, after choosing in a certain manner the potential of the Earth we have already tolerated a certain error, and the differential equations describing satellite motion become approximate, and therefore their accurate integration does not give an accurate solution of the problem. Secondly, such solutions are highly cumbersome which produces some difficulties for their practical use.