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  • "JOVE" Jupiter Orbiting Vehicle for Exploration

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    • R.I. Vachon
    • W.Y. Jordan
    • G.W. Breland
    • R.M. McDonald
    • A.M. Leppert


    1967 ASEE-NASA Auburn-Alabama-MSFC Systems Engineering Summer Faculty Fellows, Auburn University, University of Alabama






    JOVE is the conceptual design of an interplanetary unmanned vehicle with a heliocentric injection weight of 19500 pounds and 8000 pounds orbital weight. A 1978 or 1980 launch using a Saturn V would begin an 825-day transfer to an initial orbital peri apsis of 7 pi anet radii which could be decreased to 4 radii depending on the Jovian radi- ation environment. Data on the Asteroid Belt, solar flares and other phenomena would be collected during the 825-day transit. A detailed study of the planet and its envi ronment, including an occultation experiment, would be conducted during the 100-day orbi tal mi ssion time. A fixed 20-ft. high- gain antenna transmits 3800 bits/sec to Earth. 8 RTG's supply 640 We.