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  • A case for the time shared remote computer as a basic tool for system design

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    • F.E. England


    Westinghouse Defense and Space Center, Aerospace Division






    A timed-shared remote computer facility was used in the design of the Environmental Measurements Experiment (EME), the primary payload of the NASA Applications Technology Satellite. The EME which consisted of a number of radiation experiment packages and other electronic modules integrated within a structure, was represented by a vibration model having between 9 and 11 degrees of freedom in each of 3 axes and a thermal model having 39 nodes. By processing preliminary and then updated information from the individual experiment designers and from the structure designer with the time shared remote computer, the system performance could be evaluated quickly and the numerous mechanical and thermal interfaces could be optimized. Equipment test data in general demonstrated the validity of the computer analyses. The time-shared remote computer proved to be an effective economical, flexible, and facile design tool.