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  • Algorithm for roving vehicle motion control

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    • Y.K. Hodarev
    • B.L. Kozlov
    • L.N. Lupitchev
    • E.N. Orel
    • I.V. Shamanov


    Institute of Space Research, Academy of Sciences of USSR






    A significant advance in the design of completely automatic roving vehicles requires the development of a large number of devices, starting with the control system. Here the problems of choice of strategy and tactics of vehicle behaviour are of great importance. An approach to the solution of these problems depends on numerous external factors and, primarily, on the specific conditions of the vehicle motion. At the present time the general problem of control algorithm theory is not yet completely solved, and different trends exist in the approach to its development. One possible version of motion control algorithm for roving vehicles intended for self-dependent motion in a given direction (or to the given point) is presented in the report. A form of one or another version of the control algorithm is basically determined by the information which is used for the control program synthesis.One of the versions considered is based on the assumption that local surface relief data is obtained with the aid of a stereoscopic TV system. The object of the algorithm is the determination of forbidden zones, search for an optimum route within the survey zone, and synthesis of an appropriate programme of roving vehicle motion control.