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  • An experimental investigation of air flow at an inlet to a centrifugal compressor

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    • Anant Y. Barodekar
    • John H. Blackburn


    The University of Liverpool, Department of Mechanical Engineering






    The first stage of a Rolls Royce Dart centrifugal compressor provided a flow with suitable Mach number and compressibility for testing a quasi-three-dimensional flow model. As successful operation of the flow model depended on supplying the program with the correct inlet conditions an accurate experimental survey was required to determine the values of pressure temperature and velocity just upstream of the rotating guide vanes. It was the aim of this project to establish whether the flow was axisymmetric and to obtain the required parameters by traversing with suitable probes. Because of the number of inaccessible positions around the circumference the proof of axisymmetry was dependent on being able to relate the results from a small number of traversing planes with the rest of the intake.