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  • Comparative study of regional hemodynamics during tilt test and lower body negative pressure exposure

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    • Kh. Kh. Yarullin
    • T.N. Krupina
    • T.D. Vasilyeva
    • D.A. Alelseyev


    Academy of Sciences of the USSR






    One of the major adverse effects of weightlessness upon the cardiovascular system is a decline of orthostatic tolerance. In recent years (Berry, 1969, 1970; Suvorov et al, 1972; Musgrave et al., 1971) orthostatic tolerance has been estimated using both tilt tests and lower body negative pressure (LBNP) exposures. However, many problems regarding similarity or dissimilarity of the mechanisms and possible effects of these two tests upon the cardiovascular system still remain in doubt. There is little literature clarifying variations in the regional, particularly cerebral and pulmonary hemodynamics. The present paper summarizes the results of rheo- graphic studies of the cerebral, pulmonary and peripheral hemodynamics in 24 healthy male test subjects, aged 22-30, exposed to tilt tests and LBNP.