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  • Combined chemical - electric propulsion system for fast transfer trajectories

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    • Eduard B. Igenbergs


    Technische Universität München Lehrstuhl für Raumfahrttechnik






    The propulsion systems used for spacecraft propulsion can be plotted in diagrams showing their energy input per thrust in kW/N or the specific impulse as function of the thrust of the system in Newton. In both diagrams (figures 1 and 2) a region between the chemical propulsion systems and the electric propulsion systems is still fe, i.e. there are no systems available at this time, which operate in this intermediate range. This paper describes such a propulsion system, which is a combination of both the chemical and the electrical propulsion . Calculations are shown, which prove the feasibility of this combined system. Two configurations of the thruster are investigated theoretically and the system is used for transfer trajectory calculations, which are derived from the requirements for the SPACE TUG.