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  • A new type programmable multichannel radiometer

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    • D. Mishev
    • A. Stoimenov
    • S. Kovachev


    Central Laboratory for Space Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences






    Luring tne past decade of intense studies and practic.i! work in the field of remote sensing, use has been made of multichannel radiometers in the visible and near infrared xegior'»n j r.ii different though fixed number of channels , at fixed olmrmo f >"•, km : t — ral bandwidth. Besides that, it was clear from the very beginning tnat for the different applications of remote sensing and l'or determining the real influence of the atmosphere, there exist, u Liferent sets of channels (in number and spectral bandwidth j in which optimum recognition is obtained of the investigated ne tuiai formations and objects. Tne precise determination of these n ib for certain regions of the Earth or for the purposes o1 a , iv n theme requires the collection of an enormous amount of spec tre J data with high spectral resolution about the reflected e J ee < > • >u g- netic radiation, as well as the setting up of a recognition .■> stein with complete classifier. There is sufficient clarity* at the present stage of development of the studies, about um mnyf sary sets of channels for a numher of themes, and ehe applioa t m.\d oi combined methods and devices make it possible to obtain solutions close to the optimum ones.