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  • Adaptive noise eliminator

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    • B. Zupančič


    Faculty of Electrical Engineering






    This paper deals with the optimal adaptive elimination of noise from signal using adaptive eliminator. This method can easily be applied for cancelling periodic interferences but also for cancelling a broadband noise. The tipi cal problem is to eliminate the noise from the speech signal when the pilot or astronaut commu™ nicates by radio with the control base on the earth. The reference noise is obtained in the vicinity of the engine where the speech signal is not present. This noise is adaptively filtered, the filter output signal is then subtracted from the primary signal which consists of the speech signal and the corrupting noise. The parameters of the filter are adjusted automatically so that the output eliminator signal is the optimal estimate of the signal according to the mean square error critérium. In this paper the simulation results of the adaptive eliminator for filtering sinusoidal interferences are given. The results confirm the simplicity and applicability of adaptive noise eliminator.