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  • 25-kW power module

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    • L.E. Powell


    25kW Power Module Project, NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center






    To fully realize the investment in the Space Shuttle and Spacelab and to more completely satisfy the needs of the scientific and space applications disciplines, an advancement in our capability to support increasingly more demanding space operations is required. To satisfy this need, NASA is planning the development of two complementary systems. One system, the Power Extension Package (PEP), will assist the Shuttle Orbiter in supporting longer orbital stay-times at any Shuttle attainable orbit. The other, the 25-kW Power Module, will allow the Orbiter to be utilized on-orbit to its optimum capability of power and duration for sortie/Spacelab missions. In addition, the Power Module will provide a much needed central power-rich base for the present and future needs of the many free-flyer payloads requiring increased electrical power and extended on-orbit stay-times of up to 5-years duration (design life of Power Module). The design and operational characteristics of the 25-kW Power Module and the benefits for payloads are discussed.