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  • 20/30 GHz utilisation for satelitte communications in Germany

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    • H.M. Braun
    • W. Kriegl


    Space Programme Department, Dornier System


    Federal Republic of Germany




    Intercontinental communications via satellite are nowadays well- established. In addition, a number of regional satellite systems are already operational and others are in an advanced design stage. Telecommunications traffic to be routed via satellites is steadily increasing and is reaching the limits of orbit and frequency resources in the frequency bands below 14 GHz. This was the main reason for the German Government to look into the possibilities of opening up the new frequency bands at 20/30 GHz for Satellite Communications. The main objective of this paper is not a detailed layout of a possible 20/30 GHz satellite experiment for developing this technology - this was shown in several papers time and time again - the goal is to provide background information to decide what kind of experiment is required in addition to current activities, and what the technological impact would be. The essential results of this presentation are based on a study being performed by Domier System QnbH, Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm, AEG-Telefunken and the !l Deutsche Telepost Consulting GmbH" on behalf of the German Ministry of Research and Technology (HHFT). This study was finished in July 1979 and is intended as a contribution to the German Communications Satellite Programme.