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  • A material experiment carrier (MEC) based on SL-hardware

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    • H. Friedrich


    ERNO Raumfahrtechnik GmbH


    Federal Republic of Germany




    First of all,a short survey shall be given of the material science experiments, planned in Europe. Major concern is the kind of material processing, number, sizes and power requirements for material science specimens (samples) for the next six to eight years to come, rather than the particular scientific aspects, driving those requirements. The results of this survey are used as the basis for the lay-out of experiment facilities and carrier concepts which shall be launched to orbit by the US—Shuttle/Orbiter. Two types of carrier concepts are discussed; one being an autonomous free flying type, i.e. being equipped with all necessary subsystems for electrical power supply, heat rejection, data management and transfer. The other type of carrier will be connected to a power platform, already on-orbit by the time, when the material science carrier is scheduled to start its operation. Operational aspects, such as deployment and retrieval of the carrier from and to the Shuttle/Orbiter, as well as the exchange of the samples, are discussed. In addition, the key characteristics of the subsystems are mentioned and the philosophy with respect to reliability and maintainability explained. The paper summarizes the main results of a company funded study on this subject which was performed in 1980.