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  • A measuring equipment for electric and magnetic fields in the range of the ionosphere-magnetosphere plasma mounted aboard the "Intercosmos-Bulgaria 1300"satellite

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    • K.B. Serafimov
    • I.S. Arshinkov
    • A.Z. Bochev
    • M.H. Petrunova
    • G.A. Stanev
    • S.K. Chapkunov


    Central Laboratory for Space Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences






    A system for simultaneous measurement of the electric and magnetic fields mounted on board the satellite "Intereosmos-Bulgaria 1300" is reported. Electric fields are measured by the double probe method by floating potential. The sensors are four glass-carbon spheres mounted on three 5<>14 booms. The distance between the spheres in X and Y direction is 7.5m» . in Z direction - 1.8m. The sensor system and associated electronics are developed in order to asure high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range. Magnetic fields within the range of - 64000 nT are measured by a three component flux gate magnetometer. The field acting on each probe is compensated by an 8 bit analog-digit-analog converter in 256 steps a 500 nT. The uncompensated residual is telemetered in analog form. Overall accuracy is 0,05% + 2,5 nT.