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  • A new dimension in space flight: The science of creative intelligence as supplementary technique to develop man's full potential of consciousness and creativity

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    • O. Stehle


    Maharishi European Research University






    The space flight programme, being able to provide the most substantial experience in life, finds its extended application in the Science of Creative Intelligence (SGI). SCI has two aspects: a theoretical one to give knowledge and understanding, and a practical one to give experience. By the systematic and regular practice of the experiential value of the Science of Creative Intelligence along with the corresponding understanding an integrative and harmonious development of man is provided; this can be observed in the unfoldment of five fundamental values culminating in the enhancement of man's creativity; the results are verifyable on four main areas of life, ranging from the individual to the family of nations. Together with the Science of Creative Intelligence space flight will be able to fulfil its supreme goal and to bring continued peace to mankind whereby it will be possible to maintain progress in the direction of fulfilment and enlightenment. As a result, new space flight programmes will emerge and the exploration of unknown regions in space might become possible.