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  • A grand strategy for the species

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    • M.A.G. Michaud


    American Consulate General






    The attitude of the human species toward its larger environment is influenced by (1) the continuing exploration of the cosmos through astronanical instruments and unmanned spacecraft; (2) the search for extraterrestrial life and intelligence; (3) manned spaceflight. While these activities have profound importance, they suffer fran uncertainty about future political and financial support. This paper argues that all three are parts of an unarticulated grand strategy for the human species, whose basic goal is to improve the prospects for humanity in its larger environment. Astronony, planetary exploration, and SETI are extraterrestrial reconnaissances, while manned spaceflight and CETI are means of extraterrestrial operations. Seme basic principles and priorities for an extraterrestrial grand strategy are suggested. While governments and international organizations may never formally adopt such a strategy, the sharing of the strategic paradigm among interested persons could influence events in a positive direction.