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  • A generalized nonlinear stability theory of solid propellant combustion

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    • L. De Luca


    Istituto di Macchine, Politecnico di Milano






    The nonlinear burning stability analysis of thin flames, previously proposed by the author, is generalized to include: optical transparency of the condensed phase to external polychromatic radiation,variable thermal properties, heat loss from the burning surface. An algebraic stability equation is obtained from the condensed phase energy balance, by overlapping a propagating thermal layer within which a disturbance temperature profile of exponential, or polynomial shape in space is assumed. The analytical predictions differ only by a multiplicative constant for disturbance temperature profiles of the same order; in particular, the statically stable or unstable burning configurations (zeroes of the stability equation) are exactly the same. The general features of dynamic extinction, self-sustained oscillations, pressure deflagration limit and static stability are discussed from a unified point of view. It is felt that the overall picture of dynamic burning of thin flames is now rather well understood under general operating conditions.