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  • A dynamical formulation for multiflexible controlled spacecraft simulation

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    • G. Corrado
    • M.T. Ravazotti


    Aeritalia Space Sector, System Department






    A method to describe the dynamic behaviour of higly’ flexible, rotating spacecrafts is presented, that doesn't make use of any particular approximation nor is limited to any particular arrangement of the bodies constituting the physical system. The state equations are in a general format so that they are suitable for any complex spacecraft subject to any environmental load; their general format is particularly amenable to programming for digital simulation too. The most attractive features of the chosen approach consist in the possibility of taking account of distributed flexibility, relative motion,of the bodies, automatic coupling of the momentum wheels, system control laws and their interaction with the structure; synthesis and analysis of the linearized system allow for solution of the equations in time and frequency domains. The theoretical background is based on the formalism of DISCOS Program; it is intention of the authors to present the work they performed to implement it and to give provision for new capabilities, such as the possibility of referring the system motion to either an inertial or an accelerating reference frame.