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  • Active vibration control of a flexible beam-cable structure

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    • G.R. Skidmore
    • M.A. Masse


    Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering






    The experimental study presented represents a preliminary step in the study of active control of vibrations of large flexible spacecraft and/or space structures. It is an attempt to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of direct velocity feedback control before applying a more sophisticated control system to a more complex structure. A flexible beam-cable structure with several low- frequency modes was controlled with a single electro-magnetic actuator, an analog control circuit utilizing integrated circuit operational amplifiers, and a single piezoelectric accelerometer as the control sensor. Frequency response testing and free decay measurements were conducted to measure natural modes of the structure and performance of the control system. Direct velocity feedback control was demonstrated to be effective and stable, and useful information pertinent to further experiments was gained.