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  • "Plasma 01" - Appliance for human blood collection and processing during space flights

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    • R. Folprecht
    • R. Kvetnansky
    • V.I. Kozarinov
    • M. Vigas
    • J. Neuzil
    • A.S. Usakov
    • L. Stepan
    • A.D. Noskin
    • L. Macho


    Development Workshop, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences






    The complex of equipments "Plasma 01" has been developed for the collection of human blood, its adjustment, and the preservation of blood plasma samples in frozen state over the period of space flight, .as well as for their safe transport to Earth for - further laboratory processing. The universality of the complex makes it suitable also for the collection and freezing of urine or other biological fluids. The complex "Plasma 01" consists of four separate functional units: kit for bleed collection, centrifuge, freezer and transport container. The paper describes the technical characteristics of thé appliance "Plasma 01", its instrumentation and practical usage. The whole "Plasma 01" complex, has been installed and put to use on board the cosmic station Soljut 7.