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  • A GPS-NAVSTAR- supplement as a possibility for autonomous civil satellite navigation

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    • S. Starker




    Federal Republic of Germany




    After the promising results of NAVSTAR experiments a general interest has arisen in an international civil satellite navigation system. Existing proposals for such a system are not compatible with NAVSTAR and therefore an additional space segment with a further 18 satellites or more would be required. A more economical solution is proposed in this paper. The basic idea of the proposed concept is the combined use of geosynchronous and nonsynchronous satellites. Assuming that use of the NAVSTAR-C/A code is granted by U.S. DOD, a small number of geosynchronous satellites and civil ground control segments would be sufficient to adapt the overall system to civil requirements and would allow autonomous civil operation. In a following phase NAVSTAR satellites could be completed or replaced by nonsynchronous civil satellites as necessary. The linking of NAVSTAR- and geosynchronous NAVCOM-satel1ites is shown to have advantages for both systems. The main phases of installing the proposed system in cooperation with and as a supplement to NAVSTAR are indicated.