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  • A new approach of POGI phenomenon three-dimensional studies on the Ariane 4 launcher

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    • G. About
    • P. Bouveret
    • C. Bonnal








    A pump-fed version of the current Orbit Maneuvering Subsystem (OMS) engine will increase engine performance and provide significant benefits for the NASA Space Transportation System (STS). These benefits include: (1) increased shuttle payload capability, (2) additional excess OMS propellant for scavenging and use in other systems, and (3) a high performance man-rated, storable engine for upper stage applications. A program has been initiated with the objectives to conduct the trade studies and design efforts necessary to define the preferred uprated OMS engine characteristics, and to fabricate and test critical components to demonstrate feasibility of the performance, life and operational goals. Program scope consists of five (5) major tasks to be completed over a 19 month period. These tasks are summarized as follows: Task I - Engine definition study which includes engine/system integration, engine trade studies, turbopump configuration study and component arrangement, Task II - Injector program consisting of Injector and cooled test combustion chamber design and fabrication, and injector testing and analysis, Task III - Turbopump program encompassing bearing and seal evaluation, turbopump assembly design fabrication and tests, Task IV - Thrust chamber program encompassing design, materials and manufacturing evaluation and Task V - a final engine system design update. Important to successful completion of this program are the trade studies performed during the engine system and major component design tasks. The Task I engine definition trade studies have been completed. Component designs are complete and the program is now in the early fabrication phase. Completion of this phase will lead to demonstration tests which will validate designs evolved from the trade studies.