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  • A model test vehicle for hypersonic aerospace system development

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    • H. Grallert
    • G. Cucinelli
    • M. Rigault


    MBB Space Division, Military Aircraft Division, AMD-BA Espace


    Federal Republic of Germany




    son, 1981) (fig. 2) is the simplest form of a linear dc-motor with only one current loop. One part of the bucket functions as a conductor between the two rails. The magnetic field is generated by a high current impulse which also generates the electric field. In most cases the conducting armature will spontaneously become a plasma by the current after the power is applied. In a mass-driver the bucket incorporates a coil functioning as a magnetic dipole travelling along the accelerator coils loaded by an ac-current. The phase of the current flow is different from coil to coil (see fig. 3) (O'Neill, 1981)). The mass-driver can operate in a "push and pull" mode with only one accelerator coil active at a time or in a "pul 1-only"-mode with a few active coils with unidirectional current-flow of different amplitudes. The "pulI-only"-mode provides magnetic flight of the bucket, so mechanical contact between driver and bucket can be avoided.