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  • A 21st century nuclear power strategy for Mars

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    • Joseph A. Angelo Jr.
    • David Buden


    Space Technology Program, Florida Institute of Technology






    The paper describes the SPACEBUS-Family conceived and realized by Aerospatiale Cannes and MBB/ERNO, Ottobrunn. First the SPACEBUS 100 was used for Arabsat and proposed for CBSS (Chinasat). SPACEBUS 200 is still in the design phase for Shuttle-optimized applications in the PAM Dll Class and beyond. SPACEBUS 300 is the bus used for the TV-SAT, TDF and TELE-X projects. The improved version - 300 B will increase the capabilities to spacecraft mass values in CEO up to 1 800 kg. For satellites beyond this size the SPACEBUS 400 allows full utilization of the ARIANE 44 Launcher with CEO spacecraft sizes between 1 800 and 2 600 kg. The major design features, the technology employed and the payload capabilities will be presented and the present and proposed applications discussed.