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  • "MSGP II": Report on phase a basic study

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    • A. Szames


    Collège Stanislas






    second version of the initial M.S.G.P. (or Mars Scientific Glider Project)(1). This reshaped project will be called hereinafter "M.S.G.P. II". The spacecraft, composed of 5 different elements will be assembled on-orbit, essentialy because such a véhiculé would be too large and too big to launch with a single booster. This paper describes by the way a new concept for an advanced launch véhiculé, derived from the STS technology and e1ements. The spacecraft will prospect and explore the planet at all levels: on- orbit (low and high) with the orbiter, . in the atmosphere with the capsules and the gl id ors, a nd on the ground with the Automatic Scientific Stations. It is admitted all over the world that a lot of areas even in the air and on the ground remain still unknown or not very well "understood" (2)(3), and would need a more complete exploration than the ones till realised (4). Because this mission will have for goal to explore precisely Mars, it will allow us to find out and to explain some fundemental points on the origin of the planet (unexplained surface formations, geological mysteries, craters, dried channels, densely cratered terrains and plains, volcanoes, tectonics, permafrost, atmosphere, ice, water vapor, clouds,, dust storms, etc...).