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  • "The American mobile statellite system"

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    • François Giorgio


    American Mobile Satellite Corporation




    During 1989, American Mobile Satellite Corporation, (AMSC), was authorized to construct, launch and operate satellites to provide Mobile Satellite Services to the U.S. and Puerto Rico. AMSC has undertaken three major development programs to bring a full range of MSS services to the US. The first program is the space segment program. It will result in the construction and launch of the satellites, and the construction and installation of the supporting ground telemetry and command system. The second program is the ground segment program. It will result in the specification, design, development, construction and installation of the Network Control System necessary for managing communications access to the satellites, and the specification and development of ground equipment for standard circuit switched and packet switched communications services. The third program is the First Service program. This program will provide low-speed data services within the US prior to availability of the AMSC satellites and ground segment. This article describes the present status and plans for these three programs, and also provides an update on related business arrangements and regulatory matters.