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  • A development and application of structure optimization program DDDU

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    • Cai Bo


    Department of Astronautics






    This paper is mainly concerned with new development and application based on the DDDU program.( a structure optimization program). Among all kinds of algorithms and application programs, DDDU program system is practicable to the actual engineering problem by means of the effective and unitary algoritlims-sequential gnadratic programming algorithms and the countermeasure with the constrains. The algorithm's theory was new'and advanced. IN Litis kinds of algorithms and application programs DDDU program system is briefly discussed and a new graphic preprocess C1IAIDDDU written in FORMAT language has been programed under Lite Computer Vision CDS-IOOl computer graphic support. It is the first preprocesse program of DDDU. With it’s help, DDDU will lie more convenient,fast and Lite model will set up more easily lo distinguish ami change. Tlie design period will lie shortened. It lays the foundation for Lite integration of design and analysis optimization by man-machine interaction. ON Lite base of CIIAIDDDU, Lite Lailsurface structure of a kind of space vessel was optimized and static analysis was made by the optimizative calculation. Compared willi previous design the total weight of the Lailsurface was decreased by 20.OX. The result lias been justified by the structural analysis program SAP-V.