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  • A comprehensive approach for Columbus DMS verification

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    • D. Perarnaud
    • J.P. Cau
    • J.C. Guillen


    Matra Marconi Space France






    The long life and wide range of applications requested from the two Columbus manned elements, the Attached Laboratory and the Free Flyer, result in unique requirements on their Data Management System in terms of design, development and validation. This paper describes the overall approach retained to fulfil these requirements. After a brief overview of DMS hardware and software architecture, the development cycle of the DMS is analysed, highlighting why and how verification must be accounted for from the very beginning of the system definition, until the final acceptance. The overall approach, the methods and tools used in the successive phases of specification, design, manufacturing, integration and test are described. The paper further shows how the DMS plays a key role in the development, integration and verification of the other subsystems, the overall system, and the payloads.