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  • A case-based planning system for spacecraft electrical power system control

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    • Peter Adamovits
    • Selim Ulug


    Canadian Space Agency






    Spacecraft increase in complexity with each successive generation. Automation has aided in the control of spacecraft subsystems in both ground segment and space based elements. The Case-Based Planning System (GBPS) described in the contained paper addresses both the space-based and ground- based aspects of spacecraft electrical power system (EPS) planning and scheduling. The specific areas of spacecraft EPS control that the Case-Based Planning System addresses are: load scheduling, battery charge maintenance and battery reconditioning. In order to perform these EPS control actions, the Case- Based Planning System performs plan library maintenance, plan selection, plan modification, planning, replanning and plan success evaluation. The GBPS is primarily controlled by the operator however, the GBPS is also coupled to other monitoring and control software systems including an independent diagnostic system. Inputs from the diagnostic system to the CBPS in the form of diagnoses and revised component operational parameters are used in dynamic replanning. These actions are performed on both the space based and ground segment based CBPS components. The CBPS will be demonstrated on a spacecraft Electrical Power System hardware breadboard that is now being developed. This EPS breadboard is representative of a design appropriate for a high power radar payload spacecraft.