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  • A Model for an Industry/University Alliance Program Hands-On Learning

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    • William A. Gaubatz
    • Ande O. Karllson
    • Harvey Wichman


    McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Company






    A program was designed at McDonnell Douglas as part of our Delta Clipper development activities for providing “hands-on” education to increase the space science and technological literacy of undergraduate liberal arts, as well as engineering students. This program, the Delta Clipper University Alliance, was tested during a year-long model programat ClaremontMcKenna College andother campuses. The basic plan of the program is that, as part of their regular curricula, colleges develop courses which consist of students and a faculty member who take on an investigation of some aspect of the Delta Clipper development or operation. McDonnell Douglas defines projects that could be undertaken by one ormore undergraduate classes and provides the source materials needed and an effective liaison person. The college or university organize classes and professors to undertake the projects and provide agreed to products on a schedule consistent with the Delta Clipper and the academic schedule.