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    • Edward C. "Pete" Aldrige Jr.


    President and Chief Executive Officer The Aerospace Corporation






    During the period December 5-9, 1994, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) hosted a Workshop in Hawaii in which some 60 international experts participated. The title and focus of this Workshop was "International Cooperation: Getting Serious About How." The objective of the Workshop was to continue the momentum of the first AIAA Workshop held during 1992 to promote accelerated activity for international cooperation in space. The Workshop was divided into five Working Groups associated with space projects that might be candidates for international cooperation. The topics for these Working Groups were chosen based on their potential contributions to space exploitation, diversity of interest and timeliness of accomplishment. The topics were also chosen to draw from the participants common ideas about how international space cooperation projects might be developed, managed, funded and implemented. The five Working Group topics chosen were: Global Space Systems Services, International Space Cooperation for Peacekeeping, Cooperative Human and Robotic Exploration of Space, International Cooperation in Space Transportation, and Solar Power to Earth. This paper reports on the rationale for holding the Workshop and the Findings and Recommendations of each of the Working Group topics, including areas of commonality in the pursuit of international cooperation in space.1