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  • A Baseline Specification of the GEO Debris Observation Satellite

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    • A. Takano
    • Y. Arimoto
    • S. Isobe


    Safety and Reliability Department, NASDA






    A three year study conducted by the joint NASDA/JSASS study group on the proposed debris observation satellite for the debris and object monitoring in the geostationary orbit has been ended. And a baseline specification for such a satellite has been presented. Although there has been posed a variety of optional orbits and a study on the optimized optical observation system is still remained, realization of a high resolution optical observation satellite system by the current technology has been shown to be feasible. This paper shows a satellite weighing about 850kg on the GTO orbit placed into near GEO circular orbit with about 1000km lower altitude could be operated and within 1.5 years and compile a population date of the space debris with size down to 1 cm in the near GEO regions. The satellite system is supposed to be launched together other GEO satellite in a dual launch mode and is proposed to be an international cooperative mission.