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  • 3D packaging thermal control based on miniature heat pipes for on-board transparent digital repeaters

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    • F. Michard
    • M. Huan
    • C. Combes
    • D. Rousset


    Alcatel SPACE Industries






    The evolution of electronic systems is characterized by an ever-increasing level of integration and complexity, generated by the emergence of new technologies as 3D packaging. Moreover, even though we are witnessing a drop in the consumption of basic functions, the dissipated power in these electronic systems shows a steady exponential increase. The on board digital processors, for the future generation of satellite system offering a direct and flexible access to multimedia service, are following this general trend. From a thermal viewpoint, this natural evolution involves an increase in the power densities to be evacuated, both inside the units and as a consequence at their connecting interface. The traditional thermal control techniques, at the limit of their potential, are no longer able to propose competitive architectures. This paper describes a MCM-V (3D Multi Chip Module) packaging developed for a programmable channelizer, integrating a new and efficient thermal control device based on Miniature Heat Pipe (MHPD). For this high power module, which processes a 250 MHz band over 8 parallel data streams at 33 Mhz, the thermal performances are analyzed using a numerical model and validated by a mock up. Both numerical and experimental data demonstrate that the MCM-V with the MHPD allows to dissipate power up to 30W, in stationary or transient operating mode with an overall temperature rise below 20°C. In addition, the MHPD (35 gr) has the ability to operate against gravity with adverse tilt (heat source over the cooling point) and regards to equivalent Aluminum or Copper structures reduces drastically the mass budget by a factor 10. The developed device provides a very efficient MCM-V thermal management solution for the future.