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  • 35 years of French-Russian space cooperation

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    • Christian Lardier


    Air & Cosmos






    The 35e anniversary of the signature of the space cooperation agreement has been celebrate on 30 june 2001. This agreement, which was presigned on 16 june by MM. Jean de Grandville and D.M.Gvichiany (vice- president of GKNT), then signed by MM. Maurice Couve de Murville and Andrei Gromyko (ministries of foreign affairs), was for a duration of ten years. The agreement had been prepared by the ministry of Research Gaston Palewski in 1964. Andrei Gromyko had transmit a written proposal in July 1965. On 23 July, a soviet delegation was working in Pleumeur-Bodou to prepare the first color television transmission between Moscow and Paris which will be realized with a Molnya-1 satellite on 30 november. In between, a delegation headed by Leonid Sedov, at that time vice-president of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), had been visiting France in octobre 1965. Then, a french delegation headed by the president of Cnes Jean Coulomb had been sent to Moscow in april 1966. The agreement included the launch of a french satellite by a rus§ian rocket, telecommunications via satellites (Molnya-1 in 1966, Molnya- 2 in 1974, Symphonie in 1975, OTS-2 and Loutch-1 in 1981), meteorology and aeronomy (experiment Koskol with french balloons Colombe and soviet satellites Meteor), as well as common realization of various scientific experiments with balloons and sounding-rockets.