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  • "Double-star project" - One of on-going Chinese space research mission on space weather

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    • Y.L. Lin
    • J.R. Cai
    • Z.X. Liu
    • J. Wu
    • J.B. Cao
    • H.X. Sun


    Center for Space Science and Applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences






    In recent years, Chinese space scientists have panned the "Double-Star Project" on space weather research. "Double Star Project" (DSP) includes two small scientific satellites, one is the Equatorial satellite (will be launched on December 2002), and the other is the Polar satellite (will be launched on June 2003). "Double-Star Project" is the Chinese mini-cluster which have international cooperation with ESA's Cluster II .The DSP main research objectives are: l)To investigate the 3-D small-middle-scale structures and magnetic reconnection in magnetopause boundary layer in different interplanetary conditions, as well as the disturbance processes transferring to the ionosphere.2) To understand the trigger mechanics of magnetic storm and substorm, their global response to the interplanetary condition, and the processes of magnetotail and ionospheric disturbances.3 )To study the temporal-spatial variations of magnetospheric particle storms, to understand the processes of particle acceleration, diffusion, injection, precipitation, and up-flowing during the magnetospheric particles storms.