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  • 2006-2016 ASIA and INDIA Remote Sensing Research Study Findings

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    • Shawana Johnson


    Global Marketing Insights, Inc.


    United States




    \begin{center} IAF 2007– 24-28 September 2007 Lecture with PowerPoint Presentation \end{center} A comprehensive research study of the Asian remote sensing market was completed by Global Marketing Insights, Inc. under a contract with the U.S. federal government agency, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Satellite and Information Service Division. In November 2006, Global Marketing Insights, Inc. concluded the Asian remote sensing market study which produced four hundred eight (408) completed online survey respondents and fifty (50) personal interviews. The Asian and Australasian countries targeted by the survey included China, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Brunei, Philippines, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Australia. This presentation will provide in-depth data on Asia’s (focused on India) remote sensing market including a five- and ten-year analysis of the political, economic and technical trends impacting the Asian remote sensing government, commercial, and value added sectors as collected in the study. This study includes research in the following remote sensing sectors: \begin{itemize} \item Aerial Digital • Aerial Film • Aerial Sensors • Satellites • Hardware/Software • Government End User • Academic End Users • Commercial End Users \end{itemize} Individuals from all segments of the Asian (and International) remote sensing industry participated in the study by logging onto www.empliant.com/NOAA-remote-sensing-research . A copy of the final reports will be available by the 31March 2007 at www.licensing.noaa.gov and at www.globainsights.com. The IAF 2007 presentation will provide the research highlights of the technology and trend findings for the Asian (focused on India) remote sensing market of all the sectors studied as well as, provide comparisons to the previous study results of the US, Canada, and Europe.