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  • 10 years of space education in Nigeria

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    • Etim Offiong


    African Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education in English (ARCSSTE-E)






    In 1999, Nigeria established the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA). The purpose was to coordinate and implement the nation’s space policy and programmes, which are aimed at the socio-economic development of Nigeria. The government also set up activity centers, under NASRDA, to serve as centers of excellence in the development of capability in different areas of space science and technology. One of the activity centers is the Center for Space Science and Technology Education (CSSTE). The mandate of CSSTE is to carry out space education and outreach activities to students, educators, policy makers and the public. The education outreach activities of CSSTE which are targeted at primary and secondary school students, include workshops, competitions, zero-gravity flights, exhibitions, water rocketry, space museum tours, poster designs, space film shows, space games, World Space Week celebration, Yuri’s night, and space clubs. This paper highlights the performance of CSSTE, measured against her aims and objectives. Results of the impact assessment of her education outreach programs for primary and secondary school students, are shown. The paper also sets out new goals and strategies for the next decade.