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  • "Polet airlines" company's experience of payload transportation to launch spots

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    • Anatoly Karpov
    • Sergey Teselkin
    • Maxim Klushin


    Air Launch Aerospace Corporation


    Russian Federation




    Polet Airlines is known worldwide as an experienced and reliable carrier of satellite and space-related equipment. The airline holds the license of the Russian Space Agency for over 10 years and a few hundred flights with space related equipment were completed in the long period of AN-124-100 operation. The issuing of this license was based on certification procedures carried out by Polet Airlines including crew and technical personnel special training for carriage of space related loads. Special loading equipment was designed and manufactured by our own engineers, which allows to load unique and heavy mono loads including space products. This equipment was successfully used in various operations over a number of years and is constantly modified to meet our customers’ needs. An important factor in such flights is setting and monitoring of requested pressure and temperature requirements when in-flight and providing the flight data right after the landing of the a/c to the clients. Our airline participated in many famous satellite projects such as: Inmarsat, Hotbird, Astra, Arabsat, Smart-1, (американский офис может добавить сови проекты) and many others. We received orders for air transport by Space Agencies of various countries, some of them are: France, Germany, United States, Japan, Korea, India, Israel A special project was the launch of historical SMART-1 satellite by the European Space Agency in 2003. Polet was involved in the satellite carriage half a year before it was actually operated. Our engineers were providing advice on certain parameters of the satellite container to be complied with. This was a successful mission! Polet received a diploma of merit from the ESA acknowledging the professional operation. Working with space agencies for many years and being leaders in air transportation of this specific industry, Polet Airlines has proven once more to be a reliable freighter. Extraordinary fact when operating a flight with the largest civil satellite Inmarsat was the container height. It demanded considerable knowledge and expertise of Polet’s loading team in order to fit cargo precisely into the aircraft, leaving only 20 mm from the top of the cargo hold. The loading went well and high level of Polet technical crew professionalism was praised by the customer. Aside from that Polet frequently operates charter flights for the Russian Space Agency.