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  • A Branch of International Law or An Undermining Factor to International Law: A Study on the Developmenet of Space Law and Its Tendency

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    • Zhuoyan Lu


    University of Lapland






    Contrary to traditional categorizations of law that generally based on a conceptual analysis, space law is classified mainly attributed to the far-reaching area which is beyond the sovereignty rights of any states. Although the Magna Charta, Outer Space Treay stipulates that space activities carried out in outer space shall in accordance with international law, a clash of ideas about whether or not shall space law be taken as a branch of international law never cease, which not only coming to the amid of international law but also within the space law field. Considering the emerging trends of space activities carried out in the dimension of privatalization and commercialization, a comparable insight maight be taken from the recent developments of the law of the sea, environmental law, human rights law, which within themselves have been a controversial issue for the international law to give an answer and within the article legal positivism concerns on international law will also be taken into consideration to have a more in-depth view of the relationship between space law and international law.